In-person marketplace listing tool

In-person marketplace listing tool

One piece of software I worked on earlier this year was an in-person marketplace listing tool for selling goods. It posts items to Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, and Letgo. You just give it a picture, title, price, and description and within a minute it is on all three marketplaces. The focus is posting to marketplaces where you have to show up in-person to complete a sale. You can beat Amazon's fast shipping if an item is a short drive away. It's a different way of being convenient.

More views from more marketplaces means a better chance of an item being sold.

In the past, I have used this listing software to sell computer parts and computers. Recently, I sold a drill press for someone using it. It seems software like this is ideal for things that can't easily be shipped but still have value. I mean, who would want to package a drill press and ship it for more than the selling price?

I will continue to use this software for myself and others. It's not something that scales well to being a SaaS. Although, it could be useful on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to reach out to me to see if this is something you'd want to talk about.

Recently, one of my brothers has taken up woodworking and selling some of his work on Facebook marketplace. His recent experience of selling on facebook marketplace has me re-energized about the utility of this kind of software. At one point, a piece he engraved was trending with over 500+ views over a couple days just on Facebook marketplace alone. He didn't promote it at all.

The improvements I want to make to this software this upcoming year:

  • Have it deployed mostly in AWS Lambda
  • Template the deployment with Stackery
  • Streamline the setup process
  • Add support for multiple images